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Greetings and welcome to the first ever Kankuroships group contest! There is simply not enough good fanart of Kankuro let alone Kankuro pairings, which is why I decided to hold this contest. All you have to do is draw the Kankuro pairing of your choice.

I've decided the theme will be "Fairy-Tale Wedding" (Pretty self-explanatory).

You can enter as many pieces as you like, just make sure it has Kankuro in it (of course) and that he's with one other person (they can be real characters or OCs). Be sure to submit it to the contest folder and let me know that you submitted a piece.


1st place:
*3 month Premium Membership

-100 :points:
-2 drawings from :iconpaigyloli:
-1 Full-size picture from :iconforbiddenknightangel:

2nd place:

* 1 month Premium Membership

-50 :points:
-2 people drawing from :iconvanillahigh:
-1 drawing (Full body or waist-up) from :iconcookiezille:

3rd place:

-20 :points:
-chibi drawing from :iconcookiezille:
-Single character from :iconrel-rogue:

Honorable Mentions:

-1 drawing and journal feature

DEADLINE: February 14

Good luck, have fun and be creative!


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